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The prayer that changes things

September 17, 20203 min read

The prayer that changes things

I love praying. Sometimes it’s just plain hard work though. Then it’s not fun. But I have to trust that I’ve prayed in faith, and that I’ll receive what I’ve prayed for in faith. (Mt 21:22 ). Other times it’s amazing and thrilling and even though I know God is always with me, it’s wonderful when I can tangibly feel His presence while I pray. I’ve learnt over the years that the best way to pray is to wait to hear what’s on His heart rather than mine.

I do also pray what’s on my heart and on my mind – but often I will start out my prayer time by just praying in my heavenly prayer language (1 Cor 14:5, 1 C0r 14:15). After a bit of time doing this, a word or impressions will start to rise up from within me, and when I respond to it by praying it out loud, more understanding will come and I know that I know that I know that I have just prayed what was on God’s heart. (Rom 8:26,27). It’s those prayers that generally receive answers sometimes very quickly – within days. Other times longer – but the answers always come. These are the prayers I love best – as I look forward to seeing their outcome as I know they will happen.

I’m not saying not to pray about your burdens or things that you want to come to pass. He hears those cries of our heart and understands our desires and needs (1 Pet 3:12). It’s just that often God knows what we (and others) really need (Rom 8:27, Matt 6:32) – and we can see solutions happen far quicker when we pray His way and according to His wisdom rather than our limited knowledge and limited insight. We know only in part – He knows in full.

What’s even more fulfilling is when I pray something that is on my heart – and while praying, I can feel that the burden is actually from God – and have the satisfaction of knowing that my heart was aligned with His already – and I just needed to pray what was already on my heart. I’ll pray until I feel the burden no longer there – either a joy, a peace or simply a feeling of lightness or just a sense that it’s ‘complete’, it’s done.

Prayer really changes things. Prayer is powerful and effective (Js 5:16). And prayer that voices what the heart of God wanted to accomplish in someone’s life or on the earth is the best prayer of all – knowing that you partnered with Him right where you are, in your home or wherever you felt moved to talk to Him about it. The next time you find yourself thinking about someone – and wondering how they are doing – remember it’s quite possibly that they are on His heart. Pray, follow His lead – and you’ll soon find out.

Sue Sundstrom

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