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The God Series: Live as though the Word were true

September 25, 20203 min read

The God Series: Live as though the Word were true

Are you living as though the Word isn’t really true?

Many Christians believe in God, have given their heart to Jesus and have good intentions, but they act as though the bible isn’t really true. Some of them, in fact, will even oppose those believers who have decided to trust God’s Word, no matter what.

Trusting in God’s Word, believing it is what it says it is, is actually what really pleases God, not how often we go to church or how hard we serve at church. (Heb 11:6) But sadly, many believers will focus more of their attention on doing the ‘stuff’ and ‘activities’ that Christians are ‘meant to do’, but live without the powerful effects of a wholehearted belief in God’s Word.

If this is you, then I have to tell you unfortunately that that is a very boring way to live. And you probably have discovered this yourself already.

You will be unsatisfied with your life and not really know why.

Let me tell you – faith in God’s Word is not a ‘dirty word’. So then, why is this hard for Christians sometimes?

There can be a few reasons – here are some :

1. Disappointment or hurt
2. Over-consumption of the world’s messages and influences
3. Wrong teaching in the church
4. Being surrounded by other ‘non-believing’ believers
5. Becoming so busy doing Christian activities, but neglecting time with God & His Word
6. ‘Trying’ out faith in God’s Word, but not committing to it

So, time for a challenge. Identify which of these 6 points above relate most to you. And do something about it.

If you’ve been hurt or disappointed, is it time to forgive? Do you need to forgive yourself, God or someone else – or all 3?

Or maybe it’s your media consumption. If you’re spending 5 hours a day on the internet, social media and/or watching TV, and 5 minutes reading your bible – it aint gonna work for you. You’ve got to do the maths. We become what we focus on.

If you grew up hearing wrong teaching in the church, maybe it’s time to really dig into the Word for yourself and find out what it really says.

And if the people around you aren’t helping your faith, seek out and find people of strong faith, who live by what the Word says and choose to believe its promises.

If you’ve got too busy trying to act like a Christian rather than being one (Mary vs Martha anyone?), then go get alone with God. Enjoy His presence. Stop running around like a crazy person trying to help everyone else, thinking that that is the ultimate virtuous way to live – it isn’t. Yes it’s good to give – but not to your own detriment. You need filling up – through time with Him.

And finally, did you ‘try’ out God’s promises and because it didn’t work straightaway, decided to throw it out as irrelevant? You just became one of the 4 types of soil in the Parable of the Sower – the person with the heart that gave up when persecution or hard times hit. Don’t! Get out those promises again and never let go, no matter what the circumstances look like. Abraham had to wait a while to see God’s Word come to pass – and sometimes we will too!

So c’mon – let’s believe the bible again. Really believe it. Let’s start acting like it’s true – literally true – every last word. We might just see a lot more amazing miracles break out in our midst!

Sue Sundstrom

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