How you talk will affect your walk

How you talk will affect your walk

September 29, 20202 min read

How you talk will affect your walk

A number of years ago, I was on holiday in Greece with a friend of mine. One beautiful, sunny morning we decided to do a bit of exploring on the island. We saw the ruins of a small temple at the top of a steep hill, so we made our way up the gravelly path to look closer. I love the style of Greek architecture and enjoyed experiencing some of it up close.

After a short while, we started the descent back to the bottom of the hill. Because it was a steep incline and the path uneven and full of small stones, I kept my eyes on where my feet were walking and took small, careful steps forward. It wasn’t until I was about two thirds of the way down, that something caused me to glance up for the first time. To my surprise, I saw a stunning view of the azure sea below – I had nearly missed this incredible sight before me, even though it was actually always there in front of me to see and enjoy!

In that moment, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. ‘That’s what most of My children are doing,’ He said to me. ‘They are so busy trying to do the right thing and not slip up, that they completely forget to enjoy the journey. What I felt in that moment also was God’s desire for intimacy with us. He wants us to enjoy a close relationship with Him, and live the abundant life He came to give us. But when we are so busy focussing on living a holy and ‘good’ life, we actually end up doing it in our own strength, and we miss out on the joy of relating and companionship that the God of the universe has for us.

So today, take time to talk to Him and enjoy His company. You’ll find that your ‘walk’ with Him will go smoothly if you spend time enjoying His presence, and focussing on developing a close relationship with Him.

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