Book Review: Your Sacred Yes

Book Review: Your Sacred Yes

September 21, 20202 min read

Book Review: Your Sacred Yes

In her book, ‘Your Sacred Yes’, Susie Larson brings incredible wisdom to the area of work/life balance as a Christian.

This is a message that I think many of us as Christians need to hear again and again. I certainly do!

She introduces the subject with a story of how she and her husband were nearing burnout, if it were not for a breakfast conversation with a woman who spoke into her life at the right time and helped her see that they needed to make some course corrections so that they could continue their race ‘strong’.

She also rightly points out that too many Christians are on the edge of burnout. We have become much too over-committed, either because we see great need, we think we ought to help or for many other reasons. We end up saying ‘yes’ in areas where God has not asked us to commit.

To quote Susie:”If we do not say ‘no’ to continual and perpetual busyness, we will say ‘yes’ to it by default and leave ourselves vulnerable as a result.”

In her book she explains how instead we can say ‘yes’ to God, and ‘no’ to the things that take up our time and energy but that He has not given us the grace to do. Not only does she clearly explain how our ‘yes’ really needs to be, and is, sacred, but she sets out to give advice and help on how to live this out practically.

How do we do it?

For example, she outlines various disciplines that we can adopt in order to keep good boundaries around our spiritual life, health, marriage, family and our time. Things like maintaining regular times with God, times of rest and refreshing, exercise, sleep and time with family. At the end of every chapter, she also poses thought provoking questions for personal reflection, all of which lead the reader to re-evaluate their priorities and commitments under the loving guidance of the Holy Spirit.

In summary, as she says, “We would actually accomplish more if we attempted less and spent more time in isolation and quiet waiting upon God.” How much we need to do this and so easily get distracted and forget!

I loved this book.

Not only did it remind me of this very important message that we as Christians need to be careful to listen to, but I also loved the practical guidance in how to turn this message into practices day by day.

Please note: Bethany House provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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