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Book Review : God wants to bless you by Che Ahn

September 17, 20203 min read

Book Review : God wants to bless you by Che Ahn

Che Ahn’s book, ‘God wants to bless you’ teaches us about the truth of God’s love and of His desire to bless His children abundantly.

Che felt prompted by God to decree 10 specific blessings upon His church and the network of churches he oversees. He reveals what these 10 decrees are in his book, and encourages any believer to also speak these blessings over their own life, just as he did with the churches for whom he is responsible.

He defines the word “blessing” according to the Greek and Hebrew definitions which means happiness, and which epitomises the fulfilment and sense of purpose that can be found in relationship with God.

He emphasises the importance of intimacy with God – and how we can and must decree these blessings out of a close relationship with Jesus. It’s also important to remember that these blessings are not ‘automatic’ – that we need to ‘fight the good fight of faith’ in order to bring these blessings into our daily lives and circumstances.

The blessings that Che decrees are all based upon God’s promises in His Word, and range from understanding our identity in Christ, how God wants to bless us materially, to how we can enjoy the spirit of wisdom and revelation so that we can understand spiritual truths.

Amongst these 10 decrees are :

  • A blessing for you as a believer to be full of the power of the Holy Spirit

  • A blessing for you as a believer to know who you are in Christ: the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus

  • A blessing for you as a believer that you will be transformed into the image and character of Christ Jesus

I found the book to be biblically sound and I enjoyed reading it. I love books that stir my faith in God’s Word, and this one does that. The focus was as it should be, on Jesus and God’s Word – and on how we are blessed to be a blessing to others.

As Che points out, many believers may already know these truths – but are not always seeing them in their fullness in their own lives. He asserts that decreeing them over our lives will result in them being more a part of our daily reality. I agree with this, though speaking these decrees in isolation on their own will not produce desired results. We are meant to enjoy God’s blessings – and they are available to us by grace and not through our works – however there are promises that we will only see in our lives when accompanied by obedience of God’s Word. Also the Hebrews writer points out that some who had faith did not see the fulfilment of everything that they believed for.

The only improvement I would suggest for this book is that it could have been a little more lighthearted – with more humour within it.

Please note: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Baker Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review.

Sue Sundstrom

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