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My weekly goals {+ Progress on goals set last week of April ’15}

July 31, 20203 min read

My weekly goals {+ Progress on goals set last week of April ’15}

Occasionally I’m going to post my weekly goals, to get accountable by going public with them 🙂

If you read my previous goals post, you’ll know that these are goals I set for the last week of April, and I wanted to be accountable to how I did on them, so I’ve posted how many I got done in that week.

My weekly goals



1. Do something thoughtful for hubby.
2. Do something fun with the children – have at least 1 fun outing this week. [We visited a new park]
3. Reading at bedtime – devotions with children at least 3 times this week.
4. Listen, really listen, to each member of my family when they are making conversation with me. Meaning put away the phone, laptop or book when they speak to me.
5. Prepare my child for SATs by doing practice papers



1. Create 2 blog posts.
2. Devote minimum of 5 hours to developing my coaching learning and skills further (training with another coach/learning new skills/re-reading Coaching handbooks/Listening to other coaches’ sessions).
3. Go through this week’s Marketing course module and do the exercises in it.
4. Coach as per the sessions I have booked in with coaching clients.



1. Catch up with a friend for coffee or lunch during the week.



1. Drink minimum 500ml water per day, increasing it to 1 litre as a daily habit.
2. Exercise 3 times this week. {Sounds better than it is, but the duration of the exercise is very short! I’m taking small steps to start off with until I build the regular exercise habit.} [I exercised TWICE this week, not 3 times]


1. 3 hours of Bible study : I’m currently studying the life of Paul the Apostle with a Beth Moore study guide, ‘To live is Christ’. [I completed 2 hours of study, not 3]
2. Daily prayer & bible reading {I read the bible all the way through in a year every year, using Youversion plans}.



1. Finish reading the current book I’m going through on productivity.
2. Complete Assignment 6 of the Writing for Children course I’m doing.

As you can see, I got most of them done, but not all {all goes to show that I’m far from perfect, but setting goals helps me get more done than I would without them 🙂 }.

These are goals I have for the final week of May {which in England, happens to be half term and my children are on holiday for 1 week}. Because they’re on holiday, my goals for the week are far less work-orientated, and far more family and home orientated.


1. Do something thoughtful for hubby.
2. Have at least 2 fun outings with the boys during their half-term.
3. Devotions with the boys minimum 3 times this week.
4. Coach the boys through a chore they need improving in.


1. Create 2 blog posts.
2. Complete this week’s Marketing course module and the exercises in it.


1. Connect with at least 3 friends by phone or face to face catch-up {offline, in other words!}


1. Daily prayer and bible reading


1. Complete book on productivity.
2. Re-paint our downstairs hallway area.
3. Spend at least 1 hour going through the paperwork in the study and filing.

Sorting through papers

Let me know if you’ve set any goals and how it’s going!

Sue Sundstrom

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