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Movies that teach values to children

November 19, 20202 min read

Movies that teach values to children

My husband and I have always limited the amount of TV our children watch. We have also tried to build up a fun collection of great family movies, and Friday nights, as regularly as we can fit it in, are now often highly anticipated as a night of fun, food (ice-cream, popcorn and choccies…), and family togetherness. There are lots of great movies that teach values to children.

Below is my list of some movies to watch with the whole family :

1. Shark Tale
This is a fun, animated movie about a fish who desperately wants ‘fame and fortune’, as he believes this will make him feel like a ‘somebody’. It has a few messages in it, one of them found through a shark with an identity crisis – and the message is that we need to be free to be who we are. The most important message of the film however, is that our worth is not based on status, possessions or achievements.

2. Babe
This is the heartwarming tale of a pig called Babe, who wins over the heart of his owner, a farmer. He makes himself useful to his owner by showing that he can herd sheep, and the farmer enters him into a competition along with other sheep dogs. Children can learn the awesome power of determination from this film, as Babe demonstrates that you really can achieve what you want in life!

3. Hotel for Dogs
Two orphaned children find a mission in rescuing stray dogs and looking after them in an abandoned hotel. When they come up against obstacles and difficulties, together with their friends they persist in looking for a solution to make sure the dogs are well looked after. The movie has a wonderful message of acceptance, kindness and the importance of family, as well as the power of determination. Download the pdf with discussion starters to use this movie to teach these values to your kids. Here is the pdf :Hotel for Dogs Movie Moments discussion

4. Turbo
This is a great movie about a snail who dreams of racing and truly believes he can do it, in spite of everyone around him telling him how foolish his dream is! It has a great message for children to never give up on their dreams, and how with the power of belief and imagination, they can accomplish far more than if they’d never attempted anything.

Sue Sundstrom

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