Mother and Sons Bucket List

Mother and Sons Bucket List

November 05, 20204 min read

Mother and Sons Bucket List

Most of us have heard of a bucket list, but what about a Mother and Son Bucket List, if you have boys?

I just love having fun with my children – the more adventurous, the better! In fact, I really think that part of the reason children are in our lives is to remind us to have FUN again, don’t you think?

Children have this inbuilt ability to be carefree and just enjoy life. No one has to teach them; As adults though we sometimes unlearn this habit of having fun.

I’ve ticked off those we’ve done already (not that we can’t or won’t do them again, and again – and again. We probably will…)

So, here are 50 Fun Things to do with Your Son :

1. Go Quad Bike riding together

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We did this in the Sinai Desert in Egypt – fun, but actually really bumpy!

2. Swim in an Aqua Park together

We’ve done this lots of times – at Center Parcs in England (when they were about 3 and 5 years old), in Egypt, in Guildford & in the Bracknell area. They’ve also done it themselves at birthday parties.
My boys LOVE water-slides and wave pools.

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We didn’t get any good photographic evidence of me doing it with them….:)

3. Camp under the stars in the back garden

4. Camp indoors – in the lounge

5. Play Chess together

6. Play Backgammon

7. Play Rounders

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8. Take him to a ‘High Tea’ in a posh hotel

We went to St Ermin’s Hotel in London, with a friend and her two boys. Us ladies had the usual high tea with little sandwiches, macaroons and dainty cupcakes – and the boys had a ‘Superhero’ High Tea themed especially with boys in mind. I was surprised at how they loved it!

9. Barbecue (or eat fish & chips together) on the beach at sundown

10. Go Sailing together

11. Waterski together

12. Read a funny book

We’ve read a lot of wild and wacky books together – and even though they don’t need me to read to them anymore, I still sometimes read from a funny book to them…

13. Take a Boat Trip

14. Take a Mission Trip together

I’d like to do this perhaps in a few years’ time – take them to help with emergency aid if possible or to visit an orphanage or child that we sponsor through an organisation called Compassion.

15. Have a Pancake Feast

16. Have a Chocolate Fondue night

17. Have a Games Night together

18. Play Cards

19. Go to the Drive-in

20. Go Glamping together


There’s a number of places where you can go glamping in England – this was the Medieval Glamping at Leeds Castle. My husband & I slept in a 4-poster bed inside the tent! Nothing like camping when you arrive to a plush tent already up & waiting just for you. 🙂

21. Take a trip on a Houseboat

22. Go Snorkelling together

23. Have a Movie Marathon


24. Read Adventure stories and stories of Heroes

25. Go to a Theme park and ride together on a ‘scary’ ride

26. Make Catapults and use them for target practice

27. Create Science Experiments together

28. Go ‘Go-karting’ together

29. Ski or snowboard together

30. Take him Sledding

31. Take a Cruise together

32. Teach him how to ‘waltz’

33. Take him on a dinner date & teach him how to treat a lady

34. Take him Fishing

35. Go Canoeing together

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36. Practice skimming stones

37. Climb trees together

38. Take him to go get an Ice-cream Sundae

39. Take him to a West End show or show at a local theatre

40. Go Jet-skiing together

41. Take him to a Stunt Show

We watched one together at Disneyland Paris; They’ve also been to local stunt shows with their Dad.

42. Watch a live sports game together – rugby, football, Wimbledon tennis

43. Go to a Live Concert together

44. Have an Indoor Picnic

45.Ride together in a Hot Air Balloon

46. Go for a Helicopter ride together

47. Volunteer together

48. Go Camping

Camping at Wareham JulAug14 292

49. Take surfing lessons together

50. Take him to the circus

What about YOU? Do you have any more ideas that you would add to this list?

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