38 Skills to teach your children before they leave home

38 Skills to teach your children before they leave home

November 13, 20202 min read

38 Skills to teach your children before they leave home

Are you preparing your children for when they leave home one day? Are they ready to be responsible in a job, work hard, not expect handouts, be willing to help around the house and treat people right? These and other things are on my list of what I’d like them to learn (and become). The years really do fly by though, and so I want to be intentional about it – otherwise before I know it, they’ll have left home and my good intentions will be just that.

Here’s my list of what I want them to learn. I’m going to cross it off as it’s accomplished :

1. Work first, play next

2. Wash dishes

3. Fold clothes

4. Put on a washing load

5. Hang up the washing

6. Wash the car

7. Weed in the garden

8. Mow the lawn

9. How to make a presentation/speech

10. How to study

11. How to interview for a job

12. How to save money

13. The basics of saving, giving and investing money

14. How to treat a lady/how to treat a guy

15. Drugs and their effect on you

16. How to resist peer pressure

17. How to sell/market a product

18. People skills – how to make friends and influence people

19. How to choose and buy a car

20. How to change a tyre

21. How to change the oil and water

22. How to hang up a picture

23. How to cook 10 basic meals

24. How to make a budget and stick to it

25. How to look for a job

26. How to set goals

27. How to iron

28. How to open a bank account

29. How to negotiate

30. How to manage your time (weekly schedules/to do lists)

31. How to pray

32. Being baptised in the Holy Spirit

33. Understanding water baptism

34. Understanding the gifts of the spirit

35. How to hear from God

36. How to study the bible

37. How to buy a house

38. What to look for in a life partner

What about you? What are you planning to teach your children before they leave home? I’d love to hear your ideas! Please comment below and tell me your thoughts …

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