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101 TV-free activities for kids

November 16, 20203 min read

101 TV-free activities for kids

Recently I made up a list of over 100 TV-free activities for the kids and I to do together – I wanted to greatly reduce their ‘screen time’. So I got busy writing, and they each ticked which items on the list they liked, and those ticked by both boys got chosen! We are now working through our list, and our boys are spending FAR more time outdoors or playing with things other than their tablets or the computer – RESULT!

Here’s our list :

1. Make a stink bomb (my youngest had this idea 😉 )

2. Go to the beach

3. Water balloon fight

4. Jump on the trampoline

5. Go bike riding

6. Go to the park

7. Swimming

8. Kayaking

9. Camp out in the garden

10. Alice Holt (a forest in Hampshire, less than an hour’s drive away, with playground, trails for walking and cycling, places for coffee and picnicing)

11. Ten pin bowling

12. Watch a movie

13. Monopoly

14. Connect 4

15. Top Trumps

16. Frustration (board game)

17. Uno Roboto

18. Lego competition (we made this one up)

19. Legoland theme park

20. Boat trip

21. Fishing

22. Sell something

23. Painting

24. Hide and seek

25. Make a homemade explosion

26. Snakes and ladders

27. Water slide

28. Water gun fight

29. Plant a flower

30. Bake cookies/brownies

31. Play with marble run

32. Play with trashies/other toys

33. Play with toy cars

34. Have a pillow fight

35. Make a den in the lounge or bedroom

36. Play marbles

37. Egg and spoon race

38. Tug of war

39. 3 legged race

40. Practice a running race

41. Disco dancing

42. Domino express

43. Jenga

44. Desktop bowling

45. Desktop pool

46. Guess Who? game

47. Puzzles

48. Rounders

49. Learn magic tricks

50. Battleships

51. Look at the stars at night

52. Night time hide and seek

53. Make a photo album

54. Picnic breakfast

55. Penny trail

56. Make a surprise package for someone

57. Hangman

58. Noughts and crosses

59. Treasure Hunt

60. Sleep in the lounge

61. Have an ‘all one colour’ dinner

62. Make a mud sundae

63. Make a video of a story

64. Video someone all day ‘A day in the life of…’

65. Crazy golf

66. Tea in the treehouse

67. Crabbing

68. Read a funny book

69. Catch a bus somewhere

70. Pond dipping

71. Visit a pet store

72. Strawberry picking

73. Go to a splash park

74. Eye spy

75. General knowledge

76. Visit a museum

77. Visit a farm

78. Play karaoke

79. Wordsearch

80. Play ‘Stop the Tiger’

81. Papercraft/Origami

82. Table football

83. Who am I?

84. Obstacle Course

85. Memory Game

86. Mismatch

87. Face painting

88. Have a ‘green’ day

89. Homemade telephone

90. Visit a science museum

91. Beanbag toss

92. Pin the tail

93. ‘It’

94. Plant a time capsule

95. Colour trail

96. Bug hunt

97. Nature collecting

98. Listen to a audio story

99. Communication lego

100. Nerf gun fight

101. Slide down the stairs

102. (BONUS) Have a burping/farting competition [this is my boys’ idea, not mine!!]

I’d love to hear YOUR TV-free activity ideas – what is your list?? Comment below and let me know …

Sue Sundstrom

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