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How to create life goals that truly inspire you

October 15, 20202 min read

How to create life goals that truly inspire you

Do you want to create life goals that really will inspire you? If you do, then they need to be goals and a vision that is truly yours – authentic to who you are and who you’re meant to be. A lot of people don’t really know who they are, and many people don’t set goals at all. They just move through life ‘as it comes’, without any clear direction or purpose. If that’s you, then you may find that it’s a core reason for the dissatisfaction you’re experiencing.

So, how do you set goals – and not only that, but the right goals for you?

There’s some simple exercises that really help. I’ve used these while coaching people – and with one lady in particular, who claimed that she didn’t have any life dreams. Well after 2o minutes of doing a few of these exercises that I’m going to show you, the lady who told me she had no dreams had come up with at least 20 things she really wanted out of life! Amazing, but true.

First, get yourself a notepad and pen or pencil {or use your smartphone if you prefer}. Then write down the answers to these questions. Now don’t think about it too much, just write the first things that come to mind without judgement or ‘but…’.

1. If I came to the end of my life and found that I hadn’t done this, I would really regret it. What is the ‘thing’ or ‘things’ you’d regret not doing ?


2. If I knew there was no chance I could fail and had unlimited money or resources to help me, what would I do with my life?


3. What have I always secretly dreamed of doing, but never had the courage to try {or even tell anyone else?}


4. What are 3 things that people tell me I’m good at – and if I were really honest, I know if I worked at it, I could make a career or living out of one of them?


5. What do I love to do in my spare time? If I had 3 hours spare, what would I spend it doing?


These questions are just a start – but can be surprisingly revealing. Sometimes we just don’t take the time to actually reflect on what it is we really want in life.
I encourage you to take the time to answer these questions, then spend the next few days mulling over the answers to them. Try to create at least 20 things that you would love to do by the end of your life – think of all categories of your life – your career/business, your family, partner, children, social life, health and leisure pursuits.

Have fun with it and enjoy the goal creating process!

Sue Sundstrom

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