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How to be unstoppable

October 21, 20203 min read

How to be unstoppable

Do you ever find that sometimes life doesn’t go quite as planned? Hard times can hit us, through no fault of our own. We’ve been going through one of those periods lately. At the beginning of this year, our tenant in our rental property stopped paying rent, giving us no explanation why. She now owes us over 6 months rent. It has been a long, worrying, drawn out process, and still isn’t quite complete. It’s been really tough in fact! Then about a month ago, my husband badly injured his knee while playing football. He had to have an operation and the recovery is predicted to take approximately 12 weeks until he’s fully mobile again – including an initial 2 weeks post-op using crutches. I’ve been running around like a headless chicken trying to keep up with everything because of the added strain of his injury.

Life sucks sometimes! Aaaargh! Unexpected circumstances can threaten to derail our plans. We had goals to save money. I had goals to be busy blogging and pursuing my dreams. And then all of this happened. I hit a real slump the other day, and just felt totally discouraged – and like I wanted to give up on my goals and dreams.

So, how do you get out of a slump? I’ve found a few things that work for me that I’d like to share with you, which I hope will help you too :

1. Make a decision that you will not give up on your dreams – NO MATTER WHAT.

2. Go for a walk. Get out. Change your environment. Get some fresh air and a fresh perspective.

3. Do something nice for yourself. Get your hair done, or have a massage. Maybe paint your nails. It doesn’t have to cost anything – just something that nurtures your soul though. You really need it.

4. Reread your list of goals and your WHY.

5. Talk to a friend who inspires you – someone who will always encourage you. Make sure it IS an encourager, not just someone who will commiserate with you, but not make you feel any better afterwards!

6. For those of you who are spiritual, spend time praying and worshipping. It is amazing how, no matter the circumstances, this brings rest and peace to your soul.

7. Listen to or watch something motivational and positive – whether a speech, sermon or piece of music that inspires you.

8. Remind yourself of what you have achieved so far and celebrate it. Keep a journal of your accomplishments and things you are grateful for, to read at times like these.

9. Look at how you can turn the difficulty into an opportunity. I once heard that ‘hardship is the mother of invention’. Many inventors, businessman and people who have achieved extraordinary things were propelled by a difficulty or tragedy that gave them the impetus to make a change.

Try these – and regardless of what comes your way – here’s to being unstoppable!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you’ve tried to kick yourself out of a slump.

Sue Sundstrom

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