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Finding joy in the little things in life

November 18, 20206 min read

Finding joy in the little things in life

Are you so achievement-orientated that you rush from one activity to the next, and never actually take the time to enjoy any of your life?

I have had a tendency to do this, and because of it, I try to make a conscious effort now to enjoy my life – and cherish the fun parts, the precious moments and the times that are satisfying and fulfilling.

I have a small sign in my kitchen, which I bought immediately when I saw it, because of the reminder it gives me; this is what it says:

‘Enjoy this moment. This moment is your life’.

Wow. Sobering.

So often, so many moments – I haven’t enjoyed. And yet they all add up to my life. And all are important – and are moments I won’t get back again.

How about you? Do you actually ENJOY your life? Or are you so busy thinking about what you have to get done next, or dwelling on your problems, or irritated by the little annoying things that happen to you daily?

Do you struggle to make the most of the little treasures that are available every day – the opportunities to relish the moment and love life as it is NOW, rather than as you wish it would be?

Here’s a few fun ideas – small little ways – that you can enjoy the moment – and inject bursts of happiness into your day. I admit, they lean more towards suiting women (I am a woman, after all 🙂 ), so my apologies if you’re a man reading this, and some of it just won’t ‘float your boat’; do what works for you instead.

Find and create your own happiness bucket list.

Here’s my list :

  1. Watch the sunset – I have a friend who chases sunsets and takes her children along to enjoy them too. They have photographed so many beautiful views of the sun going down, and have captured these moments as something to treasure forever and do together as a fun activity, mother and daughters. I think that’s really special.
    Darren Hardy, success mentor, made a commitment to photograph 50 sunsets, when he recognised within himself an inability to truly enjoy life. He did it specifically to curb his tendency to be excessively achievement orientated.

  2. Buy yourself some flowers – and then enjoy them every day. Look at them and enjoy how they beautify any environment, and somehow make the day a little more special. We normally only have flowers in our home when others give them to us, but how about giving them to yourself? Treat yourself and notice how it makes you feel special, and boosts your mood.

  3. Relish an edible treat – the next time you eat something that you really like, savour it. Relish. Every. Bite. Don’t just swallow it in one big gulp because you can’t wait to eat it – and then realise you don’t even remember enjoying it! Really relish it. Eat slowly, and love each and every bite.

  4. Watch your or someone else’s children unawares – Children are so special, and so cute when they play quietly by themselves or with a friend. I love to hear the little conversation they make with their toys when they’re not aware that you’re listening in to them. If you have young children, take a moment to listen to the conversation they’re having with themselves – and just cherish the fact that you still have young, adorable (okay, sometimes frustrating!) children. The years really do go quickly!

  5. Play a song you love as loud as you can – and sing along if you want! This is an activity best enjoyed alone!! My favourite time is when driving at night, in my car – that way, no one can see me! I have my favourite track on and I turn it up really loud – love it!

  6. Enjoy nature – Recently we changed seasons and are now in autumn. Here in the UK the leaves on the trees turn a beautiful yellow, orange and brown – and it truly looks amazing. I realised over the past couple of weeks that I had nearly ‘missed it’; I mean by that that I’d nearly missed LOOKING and appreciating the incredible beauty of nature in this season. Do you take time to enjoy nature? Look – really look – at the beauty around you.

  7. Light some candles – I love lighting candles – day or night. They have this calming effect on me. Often, after a tiring day, when I want to relax and put my feet up (literally) on the couch, I’ll get myself a hot drink and light some candles – and either watch my favourite show or put some relaxing music on.

  8. Cherish the significant people in your life – The other day I had a moment. I was folding clothes and amongst them were my sons’ clothes and my husband’s. Usually I do this activity mindlessly. But for some reason, this time, I looked down at what I was folding, and had a moment of cherishing the people each item represented – and I truly felt grateful for having them in my life. It was a heart-melting moment, completely unorchestrated. Well, I’ve decided to do this more consciously: regularly CHERISH the people in my life, taking moments to become aware of how good it is to have them around and enjoy the fact that they are in my life.

  9. Buy a favourite mug/teacup/glass/water bottle to drink out of – somehow I really enjoy my favourite cup of tea when I have it in a favourite mug, with a design that I love. I think we should bring the ‘high tea’ experience home – why not enjoy it right where you are? If you don’t have one you love, go out and treat yourself to a beautiful mug, water bottle or tea cup. And then use it every day 🙂

  10. When you accomplish something, take a moment to celebrate it – Before you rush on to the next project or activity, when you accomplish something, especially if it was difficult, celebrate it. You can make an occasion out of it, with champagne or balloons and cake, but most important, pause and REFLECT on what you’ve achieved. Enjoy the fact that you got it done. And only then, move on to the next thing.

I hope these have given you a few fun ideas to enjoy some of the little (and big) moments in your life.

Whatever you do, and however you do it, let’s together take time to enjoy our lives. No matter what circumstances you’re currently facing, you may as well make the most of the things that make you happy. Enjoy every part of your life that you can. After all, it is the only one you’ll get to live.

Sue Sundstrom

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