Moving with Momentum

– For those who want to kickstart & fulfil long-held dreams
– Designed especially to help you take rapid action
– This programme will get you to GET UP & GO FOR IT!
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Communicate with Confidence

- Are you in constant conflict with someone or
don’t know how to communicate
what you want in the right way?
– We’ll explore how you currently communicate
and get you:
– Communicating with Confidence,
with Clarity and unafraid to Confront

The Real You : Confusion to Clarity

This coaching that will help you move closer to your real purpose
Maybe you just ‘fell into’ your current career & you want a change.
We’ll cover :
– Exercises and powerful questions designed to give you absolute clarity
- Identification of obstacles
- Explore different careers or direction possible for you
Devise an action plan to get you moving towards your purpose
– Create accountability and support to propel your progress in the right direction

Productivity Prowess :

For women business owners who want to take back control.
Let’s work together to :
-get rid of overwhelm,
– decide yournext steps and
– devise an action plan
that results in you
working on your key priorities first and fast.

Marketing Intensive for your Business

- Together we’ll brainstorm fresh ideas for you
to market to & reach customers
– Create a Marketing Strategy & Daily action plan

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Make your own Top Trumps game

Make your own Top Trumps game

My 13 year old has been making his own Top Trumps games for a couple of years now, all hand-drawn and cut out. This week though, he made his first Top Trumps with the computer. He based it on one of his favourite subjects, Rollercoasters from all around the world.

If you want to, as a fun activity for your child, you can also make your own Top Trumps game with a subject that your son loves. Here’s how to do it :

1. Choose your subject

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Fun card games to play with boys : Speed

Fun card games to play with boys : Speed

Card games are a great way to have fun with your “tween” aged boy. One of our favourites is a game called Speed. I’ve outlined the rules for you below :


The Speed card game we play is best played with 2 players and these are the rules :


– Each player puts down 1 card face up, then the next 5 face down in a row (see picture below)

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4 Important Truths about God’s Love

4 Important Truths about God’s Love

It’s good to think about God’s love for us, to mull over this great love and let the truth of it sink deep down into our soul.

Recently, I collected together a number of verses about God’s love and found some great truths contained in them.

Here they are :

1. He rescued us because of His love

Before we knew God, we were enslaved to sin and in need of rescuing.

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Moms : You achieve a lot

Moms : You achieve a lot

I recently discovered this poem about motherhood again and I absolutely love it. For those particularly with children under 5 years, this was such an encouragement to me when I parented my toddler and preschooler. It reminds us mums that actually, we achieve a lot in one day.

“Today I left some dishes dirty
the bed got made about two-thirty

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Fun Family Tradition ideas: Month by Month

Fun Family Tradition ideas: Month by Month

Family Traditions are so important to your family’s wellbeing…

They create treasured memories, they build greater emotional resilience in your children, they give them a sense of belonging and they affirm their worth.

So here are some fun ideas which you can adapt to suit your family – I’ve laid them out month by month for you.

Have fun building Family Traditions of your own…

JANUARY : Goal setting
Set goals together for the coming year.

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